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The Greatest Gift and Honor by ArtCrawl
The Greatest Gift and Honor
For all the dads who feel the greatest gift and honor is having their kids as their sons and daughters.

My entry for the Father's Day contest being held by :icondisney-club: . I know I joined the Mother's Day contest already but I just had to do this one also. There are just sooo many fantastic Disney dads to choose from it would be a waste to not do something. Besides, Father's Day needs some love too. :aww:
I struggled a bit with choosing between Mulan and her dad, and Ariel and her dad. They're both so sweet. But in the end I had to be true to my heart (see what I did there? :eyes: ) and pick Mulan.
This piece is one of my less refined ones due to time constraints, but I kind of like the style to be honest. I really hope you guys do too.
I tried my best to make the sword and emperor's crest kind of cast aside, like in the movie, to try and get across the point that they're not the most important things in the piece. But I also didn't want them to get so lost that they aren't seen at all so I put a little shine on them. I don't know if I pulled it off or not, but fingers crossed that I did.

Even though Father's Day is passed for me I hope anyone who's still yet to celebrate it has a spectacular one. Happy belated (sorry ^^; ) Father's Day everyone! :party:
A Curious Mermaid by ArtCrawl
A Curious Mermaid
Alright so, I didn't plan on it but I decided to post something here for Mermay. I've heard about it a bit, mostly from YouTube, and thought it would be fun to participate. I don't have a lot of time on my hands at the moment so this piece is all I will be doing for it.

Did something a little bit different for this post. I colored a sketch from my sketchbook I did some time back, about three months ago, I think. No inking, just digital color added. Which would explain why it's a bit messy looking. ^^;

When I sketched this I was going through some art block so I used one of those character generator thingies to try to break past it. As you can see, it worked. Those generators are a lot of fun to use and I would highly recommend them, art block or no art block. If nothing else it will help you get out of your comfort zone and be creative. Here's a link to the generator I used, for anyone that's interested.…

The character prompt generated for this one was a mermaid with purple hair, an auburn tail, turquoise eyes, and a curious personality. She also has a hobby of collecting seashells. I don't remember what area she's supposed to be from. But I knew when I sketched it, so her tail is based on a fish from that area.

Wooo, this description is long. I guess I'll stop it here. As always I hope you guys like this even if it's not my usual fan art. But don't worry, I'll be getting back to doing that soon. I've got a few things I definitely want to make fan art for. :D
Teen Titans: Gender Bend by ArtCrawl
Teen Titans: Gender Bend
It has been a looong time coming but I have finally finished my pick from the suggestions all you awesome people sent me on my last suggestion journal.

And the one I picked is (drum roll please) ... :party: :iconbrittydee:'s suggestion. Which was the Teen Titans! :party:

I chose this one cause first of all I thought it would be super fun (it was :woohoo: ). And second of all I figured that quite a few of you actually have started watching me for the Teen Titans pieces I made. I don't know if that's right or not but I sure hope so. :nod:

But anyway, when I saw that TT suggestion I was thinking "Which titan should I draw?" Why not draw all of them?". So that's exactly what I did.

I really tried my best to not make them look like I just slapped boobs and long hair on the guys and put short hair on the girls. When I was doing the sketches I tried to think about how the characters would look if they really were designed to be the gender they were being switched to. Some of the design elements just didn't fit (hwe, hwe, obviously :eyes: ). I took the liberty of throwing in a few extra twists of my own, so that's why you'll see a few changes aside from what's to be expected in a gender bend redesign.

Haha Weeell, I think I blabbered on enough about this. I sincerely hope you guys like this piece. And hey if you feel like it let me know which redesign is your favorite! I would absolutely love that.
Thank you also to everyone else who sent me suggestions. I'm sorry I couldn't just draw everyone's stuff. I hope you guys still like this one and will still join in next time. Y'all are the best! :iconletmehugyouplz:
How do you think Captain Flint did it, Mom? by ArtCrawl
How do you think Captain Flint did it, Mom?
My very short notice entry for the :icondisney-club:'s Mother's day spitfire contest. This was a really fun one to do. It's a little more simple than I envisioned, but with how rusty I still am at making complete digital pieces I'd say I'm really happy with how it came out.

The idea for this picture was sort of how when your mom reads you stories (or reads with you) it's almost like you're actually in the story, and like there's nothing else but you, her and the absorbing adventure on the pages of the storybook of choice for that night. Maybe that sounds cheesy, hopefully not. But if it does, hey, what better time than Mother's day to pull out the cheese and get a little bit sappy and sentimental.

It was great to finally draw Sarah Hawkins. She's so pretty! I remember thinking when I first watched Treasure Planet that she was too pretty to be a mom. Yeeeah, I wasn't a very smart kid.

Anyway, I guess I'd better wrap this up cause I'm cuttin' it close with the deadline. Real close. I hope you guys like this Mother's day piece and we're able to make sense of my no-sleep ramblings. Happy Mother's day everybody! :party: May you and your awesome moms have a fantastic day to remember! :dance:
Obi-wan Kenobi by ArtCrawl
Obi-wan Kenobi
Haaappy Star Wars Day everyone! I'm celebrating this year with an Obi-wan piece, which makes me really happy because last year I didn't get to make anything, plus I have always wanted to draw Obi-wan. So yaaay! :happybounce:
I'm not exactly happy with how the face turned out but I love how everything else did. I really need to get going with my New Year's resolution to draw more guys so hopefully this kind of thing won't happen again, or at least not as much. :iconshameplz: To be honest though I don't think I would have been satisfied with the face even if it looked just like him cause I absolutely love Ewan and his fancy face and no drawing can match up to his face's fanciness.
It was fun to use one of Obi-wan's other outfits for this, cause I really like his armor ones from the series. The background ended up way more intense than I planned at first, but it also came out better than I planned. I was originally going for a kind of Kamino sort of setting.

Anyway, I know I've got a lot of explaining and responding to do, as well as stuff to post, and I will pretty soon. I am working on the genderbend suggestion I chose as we speak, that's still a thing. And I am very excited to share it once it's done. Thanks a ton to all of you for putting up with my rather long frequent absences. Like I said, I will most definitely explain.
Having said all that I hope you guys like this piece and are looking forward to future drawings and projects as much as I am. See you awesome people soon! And May the Fourth be with you! :dance:
Alright so in my last journal I mentioned something about doing more things that you guys could, you know, get to have a bit more of a hand in. I recently reached 700 watchers. Which I think is fantastic. Because, well, it's a milestone. So I thought now's a good time as any to take some suggestions. I'll be picking which one I'll be drawing this time around instead of choosing at random.

I've been wanting to do a gender bend piece for awhile now but couldn't decide which character to choose. I thought you guys could help me out with some suggestions. Yep, that's the theme; gender bend. If this goes well I"ll be more than happy to open suggestions again cause there's lot's more stuff I'd love to get your guys' suggestions on.

Oh, and if you're in an extra helping mood you can also help me to decide which of these scrappy sketches of Padme Padme concepts
I should turn into a completed piece. I can't choooose! Just put your pick in the comments as either #1, #2 or #3.

Anyway, thanks in advance to anyone who decides to participate in this, if anyone. I really appreciate it. :D
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