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Secret Santa: Belle
Yay! Here's to cutting it close! The last Secret Santa piece done! This time for :iconfuturedisneyartists: 's event.

My recipient, :iconjaceyking: , said they love Belle and Lord of the Rings. So I thought what better way to cross those two things over than to have Belle reading the Lord of the Rings. I made her in modern times so that it would make more sense that she has the book. Which was real fun cause then I got to draw her in a different outfit. Hopefully, I'll get to draw more modern Disney in the future. :fingerscrossed: Making her hair down was sort of a selfish decision. (I'm sorry) Because I always thought, as a kid, that she looked really pretty that way and was disappointed they didn't show her with her hair down more. Hopefully it's okay and still recognizable as Belle. Another small thing I thought might be fun to do was making the piece a more long rectangular size than my usual one, so you know, it could maybe serve as a bookmark. Because, who better to be on a bookmark than Belle? 

I really wanted to find a way to add in more easter eggs, but I had decided a while ago that I would try not to kill myself with art. So I tried to take it easy. I did, though, add in Chip and some books I thought Belle would read. So there's that.

The holidays are over but I hope you still appreciate receiving a gift art piece anyway, JaceyKing. Thanks for your patience and happy (super belated) holidays to ya! :D



Commission Info:…
Wheeee! First post of 2018! And it was a close one. Cause I have been swamped and as usual overestimated both my time and energy. But look, it's done! :dance: My tradition of doing a piece for Secret Santa every year isn't broken! This is actually a different Secret Santa from the one I usually join. I joined two this year. So this is one of two SS pieces I'm gonna be posting.  

This is :iconsweetgirl121212: 's OC Kristina. I tried to include as much about her as possible. Like the fact that she smokes (I swear to God it's like characters that have something do with smoke just find me.) and her ax. It was also mentioned that she likes flowers that are red and gold so I included that. I chose the hibiscus, cause you know, it's got both of those colors. Not exactly a lot of gold but it's definitely in there. Fortunately, there was room to also add her friend Bubbles and the baby chick Yellow. It's sort of a game for me to see how much stuff I can add. :D

I really hope you like the piece SweetGirl121212! Sorry it's a little on the tardy side. ^^;

Happy New Year to all of you and an ultra belated Happy Holidays! Here's to hoping that posting for me on any site will be more frequent. 

Oh, and special thanks to these guys for hosting one of the Secret Santas that I joined. :iconsecret-santa-network:  If you're looking for an SS group to join next time around I'd definitely recommend them.



Commission Info:…
Ms. Solomon
After a long, I guess you could say hiatus, I'm finally posting something here. Yay! This is my piece for the first place winner of :iconhlwar: 's Ghostlyrage Contest :iconprincesspastelgalaxy: . She asked for a piece of her OC Quincy. Who you can find out more about right here.  princesspastelgalaxy.deviantar… :eyes:

I've gotta say this was a super fun piece to do cause it really gave me a chance to stretch my legs and try something new. Which is not a thing I get to do often cause I'm an artistic scaredy cat who likes their comfort zone a bit too much. ^^; So this was a good push for me.

I am sincerely hoping this piece does your awesome character justice, PrincessPastelGalaxy, and that I didn't mess anything up. Congratulations on your well earned win. :D



Commission Info:…
By the way, I know it's super late for an announcement, but I'm doing Inktober. You can check it out on my instagram. 
Whether you just take a look or stay along for the rest of the ride, it's much appreciated. 
Team Headband
It has been an embarrassingly long time since I've posted here. And it's not because I don't want to anymore, it's just cause of life, ya know. But anyway, what better reason to post after a long ass time than the birthday of the person who always makes me excited to come back to this site, :iconhlwar: 
I know you've talked about wanting a couples piece of Tye and Asami for awhile now. So I've finally buckled down and made it! This is my first time doing the whole light through the blinds thing, so I'm reeeeally hoping it looks okay. ^^; My glasses are in the repair shop right now so I'm lookin' at things through specs I got five years ago. I thought of waiting until I got my current glasses back but I was like, "No, I'm gonna get this gift done as soon as possible. No more of this week or more after birthday nonsense". I still ended up a day late, but I tried. ^^;

I had an absolute blast reading the chapter this scene is from. :heart: You, my friend are truly skilled and I'm jealous. Link right here for anyone else who wants to read it and have a blast too ;)… Hopefully I've depicted the scene at least somewhat how you wrote it.

Well, here's to another year of knowing you and being inspired by all your encouragement. Words cannot express how cool it's been interacting with you, trading art and all that good stuff. I really couldn't be luckier.

Happy (belated :iconpapcryplz: ) birthday! I hope life treats you as well as you've treated me, cause if that's the case you're gonna have a great life. All the hugs in the world to you, my friend. :iconyuihugplz: :iconsupertighthugplz: :iconletmehugyouplz:


To continue on with the witchsona/upcoming October thing I've got going on here I'm opening suggestions. This time for witchsonas. 

Here's how it works, just comment on this journal a character you would like to see a witchsona of.

Some stuff to know before suggesting:

:bulletblue: I will only be taking fandom suggestions. No OCs.

:bulletblue: It isn't limited to Disney characters. You can choose from any fandom you want; video games, movies, books, comics, anything. Although Disney is also not off the table.

:bulletblue: You aren't restricted to choosing female characters. If you want to suggest a guy, go for it. 

:bulletgreen: Unlike previous suggestion times I won't be choosing at random. I'll be choosing by whichever suggestion inspires me the most. So feel free to put in some ideas for your witchsona. But also note that I reserve the right to diverge from the ideas given.

:bulletgreen: I will only be choosing one suggestion.

:bulletred: Please don't suggest any adult, suggestive or uncomfortable ideas.

Deadline: September 9 - September 16

And that's it. I look forward to all of your suggestions. :D
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Hey there! Just to let you know that you have until Sunday, 7 January 2018 at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time to turn in your gift for the Secret Santa 2017 event at the :iconsecret-santa-network:!

If you got any questions about the reminder and if you need an extension, please let me know. :hug:
RayneTheQueen Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for joining :iconfavoritefandoms: !
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No Problem! Thanks for inviting me! :D
RayneTheQueen Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are welcome! :) (Smile) 
oooANGELICooo Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Hello ArtCrawl dear! Your art is soo awesome! I pray that you will be blessed with more art opportunities and endeavors! Thank you soo soo much for the support on my Art Kababayan, I'm Angelic btw! Nice to meet you kapatid! I love Tekken and Soul Calibur(who's ur fav Char.?) and cats too!

I hope we can get acquainted in Facebook as well, mine is…
I really want to know yours too if you dont mind :D
ArtCrawl Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much! That means a lot. I hope a lot of art opportunities and endeavors come your way as well.

That's cool! I like both of those games too. I don't really play anymore, but I definitely remember my favorite characters were Christie, Asuka, Lee and Nina from Tekken. And Xianghua, Tira, Cassandra, and Raphael from Soul Calibur. 

That's nice of you to offer but I don't really use my Facebook anymore. Plus it's kind of a more personal account, not an art one. But if you have an Instagram account I'd be more than happy to follow you there.
birdscribbles Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Your tumblr link on your DA ID isn't your public tumblr :) 
ArtCrawl Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't really know what a public tumblr is ( I don't know much about tumblr honestly ^^; ). But the profile I link to is the only one I have.
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the url should be rather than what you listed :) 
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